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Use Robot Introduction is a free energy trading platform in the TRON ecosystem. Our aim is to provide TRON traders with a lower burning fee for energy consumption, greater discounts, and a safer and more efficient energy self-rental service.

In order to solve the problem of excessive TRX service fee expenditure, we provide the energy transaction function, which can help you transfer to the account in seconds. During this process, the service fee is directly reduced by 88%. You can also earn energy trading commissions by idle TRX.
API&manual&transfer&multiple leasing methods in batches; the process is fast and convenient, and you only need to receive the address to get energy; applicable to USDT, consolidated transfers, partial mergers, and partial NFT; Tron users must save money experts.
As the world's leading TRON energy trading platform, we are committed to providing users with stable and efficient services. We are always working hard to develop new technologies and features to ensure user experience. We provide 24-hour exclusive customer service and professional technical team support to provide users with reliable operational guarantees.
What is energy? Is energy free?

There are three types of resources in the TRON network: bandwidth, energy, and storage. Thanks to TRON's unique design model, the storage resources in the TRON network are almost unlimited.

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What's the use of energy?
How to get energy?
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Automatic purchase of TRON energy using API,API rental is more worry-free, faster and safer


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